Hybrid :Center

Easy hybrid in minutes
Add your server
Plan Public Private vServers Transfer Rate
Hybrid 20 4E 16E 2-20 5TB $20/mo
Hybrid 40 8E 32E 2-40 6TB $40/mo
Hybrid 150 22E 128E 10-150 12TB $90/mo

Each plan comes with a predefined amount of server capacity measured in E (:Element). 1E is a server capacity, enough to deploy a virtual server with 1GB RAM, 1vCPU and 30GB SSD. Add your server for private capacity. Each plan shows maximum usable private capacity. Incoming transfers are FREE, Plans show included public outgoing transfers.

Public Start
Start public, add server later
Plan Public Private vServers Transfer Rate
Public 8 8E Add Later 1-8 6TB $24/mo
Public 16 16E Add Later 1-16 8TB $40/mo

Start with a public capacity, add private capacity later.

Compare to Public Cloud
up to $24
Provider Service Description Capacity Rate Per Unit
Amazon AWS EC2 Public Cloud 8E $153/mo $19/E
Microsoft Azure Public Cloud 8E $194/mo $24/E
Google Cloud Platform Public Cloud 8E $169/mo $21/E
Amazon Lightsail Limited Public 8E $66/mo $8.25/E

* Lightsail is a limited in size and options offering and shown only as a reference.
* Lightsail may provide less CPU than listed in requirements below.
Public cloud equivalent of 8E of capacity consists of an instance (below) with 8GB RAM and ~ 2 Intel E5 2.4GHz logical cores, 240GB of persistent SSD, 120GB of snapshots and at least 640GB of outgoing public traffic.

Service Instance Compute SSD Snapshots Traffic Total
AWS EC2 m5.large $70.28 $24.00 $6.00 $53.20 $153.48
Azure D2v3 $85.41 $38.01 $15.84 $54.82 $194.08
Google n1-standard-2 $48.55 $40.80 $3.12 $76.80 $169.27
Lightsail Linux8GB $40.00 $8.00 $18.00 -- $66.00

Included in every Plan

Hybrid :Center
Touch UI
Easy visual Web management.
Linear Scaling
Server Groups
Manage server groups
Integrated DNS
Automatic DNS
VPN Tunneling
Automatic VPN tunneling
Static IP + Firewall
Easy port forwarding
FREE Snapshots
No charge up to a limit
Redundant SSD
Persistent enterprise SSD
suba CLI / suba REST
Simple, but functional
Secure virtualization

Hybrid :Center Add-Ons

Easy hybrid in minutes
Public Capacity
Pack Public Capacity Rate Per Unit
APUB-1 1E $3/mo $3/E
Private Capacity
Pack Private Capacity Rate Per Unit
APRI-16 16E $8/mo $0.50/E
APRI-64 64E $25/mo $0.40/E
Disk Array, SSD
Pack Disk Array Rate Per Unit
ADISK-1 1GB $0.10/mo $0.10/GB
ADISK-100 100GB $9/mo $0.09/GB
ADISK-500 500GB $40/mo $0.08/GB
Virtual Router + IPv4
Additional static IPv4 with configurable Firewall.