:subarray is the Place where ..


An Array of Creative People ..

West Coast, East Coast, Western Europe, Eastern Europe, India or Asia - there are Talented and Creative people everywhere. We believe technologies, that can be used globally should be developed by global teams. So we are building our global Team, our Array of People.

.. shares an Array of Fresh Ideas

There is always a room for improvement. Even the "latest and greatest technology" that was released yesterday can be improved (and will be down the road). We greatly value Fresh Ideas, Big or Small. And it's OK if they go against today's "best practices" - best practices also change.



.. to create an Array of Great Products

We do things differently. If we use construction as an analogy, we are in business of producing and selling manufactured homes, where competition is selling building materials. Our core product is :Datacenter. It's a preconfigured virtual datacenter that you can customize with Add-Ons. Build your long term IT presence quickly, easily and at a fraction of costs.