Distributed Cloud 101

Some newer cloud platforms are based on Distributed Design, where hosting server capacity is distributed between participants. As a participant, you can not only act as a Consumer, but also as a Provider, adding your own server capacity into the Cloud. Depending on the platform, your participation level, and the type of existing equipment, you may share your capacity for profit in a public space or use your equipment as Private Cloud Capacity. Subarray calls this feature Native Hybrid Cloud, but it's an organic part of the distributed cloud architecture.

Example : SMB Inc

To show the step-by-step process, let's use some imaginary company as an example, say SMB Inc. For simplicity, the company will be relatively small with two offices, one in NY and one in CA. As most companies in 2018, they've heard about cloud technologies and they like the concept in general. What they really want is to allocate some public cloud capacity and combine it with existing servers in NY and CA. In our example, SMB Inc already obtained a :Datacenter with 24Nd (:Nodes) of capacity and now they want to add server in CA to their cloud.

Step 1: Download generated image

To add an existing server as private capacity, navigate to the Capacity section of the :Datacenter admin console and click to generate boot image. Then, download this image and write it to a USB flash drive.

Step 2: Boot Server with USB

After creating a bootable USB in step 1, simply boot your server with it. The server should have a quality Internet connection for establishing a VPN tunnel. As soon as the server boots, you should see the new private capacity listed as "available" in the :Datacenter admin console. In our example, the CA server adds 16Nd of capacity, bringing the :Datacenter's total to 40Nd.

Step 3: Use Your Capacity

40Nd is a pretty sizable amount of capacity. It can be used for creating up to 40 virtual servers, 1Nd each or any combination of smaller and larger servers. For instance, you could create 5 servers : 8Nd + 16Nd + 8Nd + 4Nd + 4Nd = 40Nd. For a virtual :Datacenter, it doesn't matter where the capacity is coming from (for the most part). Although physically SMB Inc. has 8Nd of public capacity, 16Nd of private capacity in NY and 16Nd private in CA.

About Subarray

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