Our goal is to build a simple, human friendly, yet functional interface. Not the easiest thing to do.
Introducing our all new :Datacenter admin console (aka :subadmin) prototype (0320). It's a complete redesign of the previous version (1130, below). We've enlarged all controls and elements to make UI more tablet friendly. We kept :Datacenter layout for the main page, but made it one level by default :

Users are offered 3-4 racks of equipment (scrollable), depending on a device. First rack contains all networks services (green) and additional shared storage (orange), if any. Other racks represent :Groups, one : Group per rack. Tablet friendly action buttons reside on the right. General purpose "Add" action can be used to add any type of elements - servers, :Groups, network or storage Add-Ons (below) :

"Events" button opens page with notifications, "Charts" button opens live performance and system status information, "Setting" button controls system and user configuration.

New version of the admin console is integrated into the main web site.

We've created a set of custom oversized controls for the input forms. They are optimized for both touchscreen and mouse wheel.

Above is the previous version (1130) of the :subadmin.